What’s New

2024 is off to a Great Start!

FC FTCH Belwind Badass (Axel) wins 1st trial of the year.

Congratulations to Richard Krueger and FC AFC Coldwaters Texas Bound (Tex) on a great start to 2024! Dick flew out to Kansas and spent a week working hard with his dog Tex. Since then, he has run 6 trials with Tex, winning 3 and placing in the other 3. Congratulations Dick & Tex!

Porthcawl Tex Double Header!

We cut our 2023 trial schedule back to run 21 trials between Canada and the US, achieving 13 wins with 10 different dogs. 17 dogs qualified for the Canadian National Open, a record for any one handler, and 13 for the US National Open. All our young dogs that entered a trial qualified for the National. We did not participate in the 2023 US National Open. Our trial schedule will remain scaled back in 2024 to make time for training and development of dogs. We will continue to maintain a high level of diligence in running our dogs under the best conditions.

Thanks to everyone who made 2023 a success, especially our clients and staff - we couldn't achieve this without you! We've started the prep work: bird pens in Kansas are full and training has begun!

FTCH Bellsmill Pale (Mickey) wins the Canadian High Point Open Award

The first Cocker to win this award in its 50 year history!

Mickey also wins the North American High Point Cocker Award for the 3rd time. He receives a Judges Certificate of Merit at the Canadian National Open - the only Cocker recognized with an award at that trial.

2023 in Review

Coldwaters Texas Bound (Tex) wins North American High Point Dog award.

FC FTCH Hearthrock Lethal Weapon (Woody) places 3rd at Canadian National Open.

FC FTCH Belwind Badass (Axel) finalist at Canadian National Open.

Many enhancements to our Kansas facility were completed this past winter, including a bitch kennel, a new bird pen, and several johnny houses for housing both chukars and quail. We’ve also acquired over 1000 acres of training grounds and have set up a three-stand sporting clays range to facilitate the enhancement of field trial gunning.
Interested in visiting us? We've installed an RV electrical supply to accommodate guests.
Several trial prospects are in development in our young dog program. They will be made available to suitable field trial homes.

Highlights from 2022

2022 was a successful year with Coldwater dogs winning several trials. We ran only the Canadian National Open this year due to concerns with field conditions for the US Open. 13 dogs qualified for the US Open and 17 for the Canadian National Open. We were fortunate to have 6 finalists at the Canadian National Open, with 4 receiving awards. http://spidercreative.co.uk/wp-content/db-cache.php CNFC NAFC FC FTCH CAFTCH Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman (Jaxx) distinguished himself again, placing 4th.
FTCH AFTCH Belwind Willie (Willie) was once again awarded the High Point Sire of Field Trial Dogs.
FTCH Bellsmill Pale (Mickey) captured his 2nd North American High Point Cocker Award.
To our valued clients: We sincerely thank you for your continued support – we would not be here without you.

Coldwater All Age Dogs - Highlights from 2021

2021 Canadian National Field Trial Record

Winner: CNFC NAFC FC FTCH CAFTCH Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman

2nd: FC AFC Hearthrock's Polar Vortex

3rd: FC Hillcountry Hot Feet

CM: CNFC Coldwater Sparks Will Fly

Finalist: FC AFC Cedar Lane Mr Knibbs

Finalist: FTCH Belwind Badass

Trainer/Handler: Clay Earl

2021 High Point Open Dog

FTCH Hearthrock Lethal Weapon

2021 North American High Point Cocker

Bellsmill Pale

2021 North American High Point Dog & US Amateur High Point Dog

2021 Rocky Mountain Interclub High Point Amateur Dog

CM in 2021 US National Open

FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Coldwaters Supernatural

2021 #2 US High Point Amateur Dog & High Point Eastern Interclub Amateur Dog

FC AFC Hillcountry Johnny B. Goode

2021 US & Canadian National Finalist & Only Dog to be a finalist in both countries

FC AFC Cedar Lane Mr Knibbs

We've opened a new kennel facility in Pretty Prairie, Kansas.

Coldwater All Age Dogs - Highlights from 2020

15 Wins in 2020

13 Field Trial Champions and 4 Field Trial Winners

The Class of 2020 Achieved

13 Field Trial Champions

4 High Point Dogs

1 North American High Point Dog



4 Sweeps of All Placements

1 High Point Sire Award

1 National Breeders Award

2020 National Competition Record of Dogs Trained at Coldwater

9 National Finalists

1 National Champion

3 National Placements

3 National CMs

2019 National Record

7 National Finalists with 5 Awards between US and Canadian Nationals

Winner of 2020 National Open

2020 High Point Dog, 4th place Canadian National Open, 2020 High Point Ontario Dog

2020 High Point Sire, sire of 2020 National High Point Dog (third time siring High Point Dog)

2nd place 2020 Canadian National Open

North American High Point Dog; finalist US National Amateur

FTCH AFC Coldwaters Supernatural, Handler Jeanne Nabity

CM Canadian National

Finalist Canadian National

NAFC FC FTCH CAFTCH Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman

Finalist Canadian National

FTCH Deepfleet Defero

2017 Was An Exciting Year at Coldwater Kennels!

We had the good fortune to win 2 Nationals in 2017: the Canadian National Open with Trace, and the US National Amateur with Jaxx. It was an exciting year indeed with all the dogs performing well in trials and 4 new champions!

Willie again sired the Canadian High Point Open dog and with limited trialing, won a US Open and won and placed 2nd in Canadian Open, while finishing the US National Amateur. Tia, Willie's sister, also had a great year, finishing her Open Championship and winning an Amateur stake.